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Pharmacy Law Review is a Course

Pharmacy Law Review

Time limit: 365 days

$155 Enroll

Full course description

Pharmacy Law Review


  • Explains current U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration laws for purchasing, documentation, dispensing, and storage and disposal of outdated controlled substances used in veterinary medical practices.

  • Describes in detail the current compounding regulations and extra-label use of medications that are laws through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

  • Explains devices, policies, and procedures for documentation of training and guidelines for occupational employee safety are included.¬†


The course is taught by Sue Duran and Starr Miller who have a combined instruction training experience of 60 years in the area of veterinary pharmacy. Dr. Duran and Ms. Miller are diplomats of the International College of Veterinary Pharmacy (ICVP), an international college of experts who teach and dispense at veterinary teaching hospitals.

Best experienced using a Windows based computer with either Chrome or Firefox.